“a seminal contribution to hip-hop and Cuban musical studies” – Robin Moore, Latin American Music Review

“A lively, personal examination of Havana’s street music, dance, and politics. A major contribution to the understanding of Cuban popular music and the global commercial success of rap music. Highly recommended.” – L. Hendricks, Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

“Buena Vista in the Club will be an essential reference point for anyone interested in contemporary Cuban music and culture.” – The Latin American Review of Books

“Baker’s study is a powerful example of facing rather than effacing the contradictions that complicate common narratives of globalisation, race, identity and hip hop. Baker throws a wide net that encompasses hip hop and reggaetón, as well as frameworks of race, politics, economies, globalisation and urban studies. It speaks greatly of Baker that this book maintains a sense of immediacy and detail as these broad strands are woven together.” – C. Harper, Popular Music

“The text is both extremely readable, for its accessible language, and academically rigorous. Baker demonstrates a deep knowledge of the discourses surrounding the representation of the Cuban rap scene produced by academia and the media. I trust this work will be a necessary reference tool for those who wish to work in the field of hip hop studies as the piercing view of the author breaks new ground.” – J. Bello Mota, International Journal of Cuban Studies

Buena Vista in the Club is a fascinating read. By mixing ethnographic observations, personal interviews, secondary sources, and analysis of song lyrics, Baker is able to convey the complexity of both the music scene and everyday life in contemporary Havana. His description of a marathon meeting between Harry Belafonte and Fidel Castro during which the two men discussed the political merits of hip hop is fascinating and all the more effective because Baker balances this view from the top with many descriptions of musical practices at street level.

Buena Vista in the Club is an essential addition to the growing scholarship on global hip hop […] the four chapters in this book offer a level of analysis whose depth, insight, and contemporaneity are remarkable.” – J. Camal, Labour/Le Travail

Buena Vista in the Club is an excellent contribution to the fields of Cuban cultural studies, hip hop studies, and world music studies. Baker opens up new areas for further inquiry into the role of the foreign scholar, bodily discourse within popular forms, and close readings of Cuba’s principal hip hop group today, Los Aldeanos.” – N. Pueo Wood, The Latin Americanist

Buena Vista in the Club


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