SIMM research

I am a founding board member of SIMM (Social Impact of Making Music). 

Along with colleagues from SIMM, I am currently working as co-investigator on a 3-year international research project on the social impact of making music, based at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London. I am attached to the Colombia branch of the project.

The project continues until the end of 2022. Two early outputs of the project are:

1. Sloboda, J.A,, Baker, G, De bisschop A., Karttunnen, S., Mazzola, A., Rojas, J. S., Van Zijl, A., Westerlund, H., and Zapata Restrepo, G. (2021) Music for Social Impact: an overview of context, policy and activity in four countries, Belgium, Colombia, Finland, and the UK. Finnish Journal of Music Education, Vol 231/2, 116-143.

A pdf of the paper is available for download here.

2. Juan Sebastian Rojas. Towards a characterization of the SIMM-field in Colombia: grassroots organizations and national programs (research in Colombia). Presentation to the 5th SIMMposium on Social Impact of Making Music, Brussels, March 2021.  (3.20 minutes in)

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